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Born in 1964 in West Germany, Heike decided 1980 to explore the world by her own. After 4 years work and travel, she came back from her last job in Buenos Aires in a photo laboratory.

In Wiesbaden she trained for 3 years as a tailor in a studio.

1990 she moved to Hamburg to study costume design. 

At night she worked in so called Kiez bars of Hamburg St. Pauli, while she studied at daytime. As a freelancer she created costumes for theatre plays and opera in Hamburg, Kiel and Eisenach. She finished her studies as a Dipl. Designer for Costumes.

For 2 years she worked as a costume assistent for Anna Viebrock at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg. 

1999 after moving to Berlin with her sons she started her career as a costume designer for films and commercials.. 

In addition to the costume design, Heike's passions are still traveling and photography.

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